Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Big Easy

On October 3rd - 7th we traveled to Louisiana where we used to live before returning to Florida. Our good friends, Mike & Holly, were married and we got to use the time to catch up with so many friends. It was fun being able to introduce Zane to so many of them. Zane and I flew and met up with our friend Mary and we hung out for a couple days with her. Paul drove and met us briefly of Thursday before heading off to the bachelor party that night. We then both met up in New Orleans where we stayed through the weekend.

Zane & Mary

Zane & Amber

Mary's VERY sweet doggy, Talullah.

Some of the pictures from the bachelor party that are ok to share! It wasn't quite your average "last hurrah" party. They went out into the woods (someone's house) and made lots of noise and drank way too much. They played and wrestled till dawn and then ate greasy food. (All this and I wasn't invited! I STILL don't get it!)

New Orleans: Cafe Du Monde
We took Zane to eat his first beignet. He seemed to enjoy it. He actually just wanted to walk around with it and rub it on everything which normally wouldn't have been too big of a deal except for the fact that we were in New Orleans. It is not what you would describe as "clean."

Then we FINALLY got to meet our friend Ben's daughter Lilly. She is about 5 weeks older than Zane and SOOOOO cute and very sweet. We were so happy to finally give her kisses!

Zane and Lamar

Ben and Lilly at the wedding ceremony.

Paul & Zane at the wedding ceremony.

Mike & Holly doin' the dance. It was a beautiful ceremony and a fun reception at the New Orleans Botanical Gardens in City Park.

The pollution in Louisiana makes for some beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Paul and I always commented on them when we lived there. Such bitter sweet beauty. This is a photo looking out our hotel room window of the sunrise the day we were leaving.

A very cute, tired boy.

Ben, Lilly, Ashley & Zane.


  1. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Great pictures of your trip and friends. Zane gives Lilly such an enduring look while she's in the stroller...Sooooo cute! Love, NANA

  2. Is that another red head there? We might have to hook her up with Dex so we can continue the breed!