Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Things I am simply loving lately...

Their are a few things that I am just simply loving lately and I thought I would share.
1) Finding multiple nests in our yard while doing massive yard work lately.

2) Sewing again.

3) Planning many bowling trips this summer with Zane and my new rad bowling shoes!

4) Watching Daddy and Zane work intently on Zane's new sandbox.

5) Watching Zane take his first swim lessons and getting so much more comfortable in the water.
(That is Ms. Ashlyn... he LOVES her.)

6) Reading this book cover to cover and soaking in the inspiration and knowledge. Thank you Ben and Rachael.

7) My wonderful thrift store find! Dansko sandals, probably never worn, for $5!

The start of summer perfection.


  1. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Boy...are you having fun!!! Lots of new and exciting things happening. WooHoo!!

  2. Dansko sandals for $5 that are your size. You may have used up your great deal of the summer and summer has just begun. Not a bad way to use it though. Happy feet= happy mind