Tuesday, May 03, 2011

New Bike

Zane got a new bike AND a new helmet! He is getting so big and helpful. We put training wheels on it and he is very slow and careful. He is right now mostly into his balence bike which he whirs around like a crazy superhero on. This one is more for the slow, stolling superhero... for now.

The first ride was not so easy, although I really think the fall is pretty graceful. The two yappy dogs from next door came charging out of the gate from next door (you can hear them in the background) and just barked like crazy at him. I probably would have fallen off too.

Once we got him out of the driveway and away from the yapper dogs he was on his way... carefully.

And as I trecked behind them and in front of them taking videos and pictures I started to notice some other things that I wanted pictures of throughout our neighborhood. Our neighborhood has some flare and apparently some interesting ingenuity!

Check out the golf club fence... they buried the club end of the club in the ground and they are all strung together. So many golf clubs!! So very weird!

A pieced together carpeted driveway... very lush indeed!

And we love our icecream guys either on bike cart or push cart. I do love hearing their simple jingling bells throughout the day (fyi...I am not being sarcastic on this one).

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