Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Weekend In August

A weekend with the James Family back in August. They came right after my bone marrow biopsy and spent a wonderful weekend hanging out. Sara and I even ducked out for a trip to the knitting shop and dining for lunch at Sushi-Thai. THEN the boys got to duck out for a round of golf. All photos were taken by Sara this weekend (she is so much better than me... just one more thing to learn from a good friend!).

Breakfast Kisses.

The Three Painters.

Boys and Kitties.

So Grown Up.

A Girl and Her Dog.

Family Portraits.

Our Fish.

Our Ylang-Ylang.

Little Tiny Things at the Sushi Place.

In Love with my Beautiful Baskets.


  1. Beautiful photos! Great job, Sara. And, so glad Zane finally removed his finger from his nose for at least one of the family photos!! :)

    Love you two!! Kim

  2. i love the little tiny things at the sushi place!!! you all look great and happy! i love that too :o)