Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Hair Fallin'

It is truly crazy. It all started the day before yesterday with... ehemmmm... the hair "down" there (sorry all, I am sharing...) then yesterday it started with the hair on my head a little. Now, today, it is falling like mad. My head itches and is tender. Really, I don't mind the whole "loosing my hair and being bald" issue. BUT it is REALLY annoying to be bald. I remember. It is a LOT of maintenance and it is itchy and it keeps growing enough to just drive you crazy! That point where it is just poking through on your head (which is like every 3 days!) feels awful to me. Really, I do not understand how you baldies love it. I hate it. It is not how it looks, it is how it feels.

So on we go.

Everyone wants to know how I feel. I feel better than I expected to at this point. Sure I get wiped out tired and my patience is a little thin, I can't go poo and my hair is falling out like rain, but I have been eating, functioning, working and hanging with friends and family. I have SO MUCH help.

Zane is on a good schedule so far. He hangs with Nona on Monday and Tuesday but sleeps at home and then it is Mimi and Papa's turn. He goes to school Wed. - Fri. so they take him to school and pick him up and he also spends the night there. It is great and allows me to be tired and stop and not have anything in my way. It is amazing. But, we miss him.

We have our consult with Moffitt on Friday regarding the stem cell transplant. I am anxious to learn more about what to expect for that 6 weeks. Stay tuned. I will try to share what I learn.

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