Sunday, October 04, 2009

Me and two toddlers at Home Depot!

This Saturday morning I decided to take two adorable toddlers to build a firehouse piggy bank at the workshop that Home Depot has for kids every first Saturday of the month.

I picked Brianna up to give her parents some time to clean ... (they are both in super nesting mode since their second, Sierra, will be arriving by Oct. 12th! I really can not wait and have now set my cell phone ringer to loud and also have my phone on vibrate whenever I am someplace that my phone can not ring! Really, I never do that. I always put my phone on silent because really... I can always call anyone back! BUT not now... always on some "reach me now!" setting!)
Anyways, they needed to clean the house for the fourtieth time and I needed to get the kids busy! So I took them to the Home Depot workshop and we built firehouse piggy banks! AND I must say the I am SO PROUD of myself for being able to entertain 2 toddlers while reading the crazy directions and assembling two of these damn things all at the same time!

Then they had a real fire truck to check out and fire-people shooting the giant firehose. Brianna actually got into the hose bit and loved it!

They are so darn cute!


  1. COOL! We went too but they had just run out of the fire house banks. DANG, they looked so cute with the three slots and such! OH, well, we built a sailboat and of course, sprayed the fire hose too.
    Fun time for Free are always great and super kudos on wrangling two toddlers in the midst of hammers, firetrucks and normal toddler bedlam!

  2. Kudos to Super Mom! The kids look like they had a blast!