Thursday, October 08, 2009

Awaiting Little Sierra

We have cute little Brianna for the night because we are patiently (sort of!) awaiting the arrival of her little sister, Sierra. We had a blast tonight and I wanted to share some of the Lil'Drum Circle we shared tonight and some so CUTE playtime with Bri & Zane (they had no idea that we were listening... they are so darn cute together!). Check out how awesome they play! They are EXACTLY 1 month apart in age and they were so cute tonight! All by themselves they decided to hide under the chess table and play like there was a monster "out there"! Full with flashlights and newly died playsilks! Also, take note of how funny it is when they are saying to one another "Holy Moly". I heard one of them say "my Mom says that!" then the other said "no, MY Mom says that!".

Yes, we both say that! Hee!!!

(Note: Jim: Note how well your chess table held up to some really hilarious head butts!!!!)))

So sweet! Wanted to watch Brianna and his Daddy play drums together!

Look at this face... I think this is the first official "rolling the eyes at the camara and Momma!". Oh my god!!!

Check out the jammin' with the eyes closed!

The Maestro!
Then off to some play time before bed!
Check out the next video. Watch for some crazy head bangin' on the table! Good stuff before bed I tell ya!!

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