Tuesday, June 09, 2009


So, I just got back from seeing "the wizard" this morning (the doc.) with the results of my recent CT Scan. Shows no growth so the scans are reading as if I am in remission. No joke, that is how they put it. I mean, you know, they don't want you leaving their jumpin' around too much. I get it. But, it is reading clean. This is good.

It has been a long wait for these test results and I think we all were a bit amped up around here. We are trying to shake it off, but it is taking some work.

But, when I left the docs office Paul and I went to have coffee together and decompress a bit. Then I had to swing by the office to pick some stuff up. That is were I saw the thing that made me loosen up and laugh a bit. Our office is next door to a few antiquey stores. This one in particular is pretty known to sometimes have the strangest things parked outside. But this one topped them all for me...

I mean really... ???

I mean, really!!!???!!!

For only $600 you too can have your very own bamboo basket FULL SIZE harley!!!!

Really, if you are interested... let me know and I will share the name of the store... AND I want to go with you when you bring this bad boy home!!!

How can you not laugh your ass off at that!!!???!!!

Good times.

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