Monday, April 27, 2009

Zane's Song

Ever since I took Zane to the Earth Day Festival this weekend and saw about three bands perform, Zane has been setting up HIS stage. It always is the hula hoop which he stands in and plays his guitar. Also, he ALWAYS has to have his drink in front of him (you can see that in the video) because one of the guys that was playing his guitar on stage was looking for and drinking from his drink that he had sitting in front of him. Now, Zane the Performer always has to have his beverage ready and waiting during his performances. He is always making up songs now which is totally fun and cute. He can also now sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider from beginning to end with no help from Mommy. Watch out Nashville!!!

Hopefully I will find time here and there to post more pics from the last couple months. I have so many good ones which also means that we have just been so busy just having so much fun! Lots of play and beach time and TONS of catching up with my boy time which is just so wonderful! Hope to let you all in on my fun times once I get enough alone time to post more!!


  1. OK Now my eyes really are watering, I know it doesn't take much, but that is great. Love the water bottle and seriously, watch out Nashville, that boy has talent.

  2. Zane man is so darn cool. His brain is quite the magical place, I am so happy you can share these moments with us. Keep on rockin'

  3. Sorry I missed you at this festival. I was operating a booth there for the UUs. Rats.