Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oh... Just some more love for the big day!

So sweet that Valentine's Day!

We just got back from having dinner with Mom & Pete which was, like always, so nice. Zane had a fun day with Mimi and got a tool box for her house for Valentine's Day.

Paul woke up this morning with a gift from Zane waiting for him. Zane got Daddy a tee-ball set for the back yard. He opened it very early this morning before leaving for school so of course couldn't play with it. Then when he got home the little man was still with Mimi. So, after dinner (we got home at 8:30pm), Paul was still SO excited about playing tee-ball with Zane that he immediatly set it up in the house as SOON as we walked in the door

I on the other hand was presented with the SWEETEST Valentine's gift of all when Paul got home from work. It is a framed poem, or better put, a collection of haikus. Ten of them as a matter of fact. One for every Valentine's Day we have been together.

He wrote it throughout the week last week and went and got a beautiful frame for it. I thought I would share the haikus with all beause they are so fun. Some most will understand, but some most will not. That is ok though. You will probably enjoy anyways...

ten valentine haikus

the morning light seeks
refuge between your freckles
and waits there, and breathes.

tiny hands tugging
carrot-stained fabric - the boy
wants to kiss your lips!

my toenail scratches
your calf. a quick gasp of breath.
it's okay, you say.

the fax machine whirs
to life as the last warm breeze
dies in the backyard.

we can't see the moon.
the clouds hover patiently
like silent geckos.

lucinda williams
mourns her goddamn innocence.
we sway in the dim light.

almost there. dad sings
a hairband ballad. mom feeds
the babe from her breast.

stumbling to the crib
at three a.m. - you mumble
thank you. i'm humbled.

beets and rainbow chard
litter the cold garage floor -
neighborhood heroes!

i whisper softly
in your ear: library.
you roll your eyes and smile.

(paul moonhil)

I am sure I don't even have to express how moved I was. Now to find the perfect place to hang it...

Happy Valentine's Day (again) All!

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