Thursday, February 14, 2008


As you all can see, I have managed to get that last post broken down into 4 different posts and as far as I can see... ALL the videos are working. WHEW! That was quite and adventure! I guess I tried to cram too much into one entry so in the future when things look so choppy, well that is why. Don't want to have to re-do so much EVER again!

And what a happy day it is!! I love the feeling of Valentine's Day! It is such a sweet day to tell all your friends and family how much you care about them. It is not just a day for "lovers" but a day for all the people you love. I remember quite a long time ago when I was in high school (well, not THAT long ago) when I was so amped up and worried about getting my boyfriend at the time something for Valentine's Day. I was so into it that I never got anything for my Mom and brother. My Mom FLIPPED out on me and was so upset that I just forgot my family on Valentine's Day! She was right to do so. It is such a cool time to honor your loved ones... that boyfriend is long gone but my Mom and little bro, well... are ALWAYS there. I love them so much.

So, to all of you out there... Happy Loving Day!

Zane got special deliveries already today from his Nona (a kissing bunny book with a sound built into the book of a kiss), a froggy Valentine from his Aunt Lala, and a puppy Valentine from his Gramps and Grandma. Zane left a Valentine gift for his Daddy this morning of a tee-ball stand for the back yard so that he can teach Zane how to hit the ball (Paul has been known to rig up one with a big stick of bamboo and a bucket of dirt for Zane to hit!). I know that Mimi said that she has something sweet waiting for the kiddo when she got him to her house (today... Thursdays are Zane's Mimi Day and Mommy's Work Day). Can't wait to hear later what kind of Valentine's Day Zane had hangin' with Mimi!
I am working quietly listening to WNCW in Boone, North Carolina (my favorite) and eating some Green & Black's Organic Chocolate while I get some work done (and blogging :). LOVE the Green & Black's chocolate... highly recommend these three flavors:
1.Espresso (oh so good!)
2. Mayan Gold (that is what I am snacking on right now. It is dark chocolate with orange and spices)
3. Ginger (dark chocolate with pieces of crystalized ginger!)

My famliy...
My Valentine Boys

Oh also, the spell check on the blogger for me does not work anymore (very frustrated, but hey, what can I do? It is free!) so excure the spelling errors. I just don't have the time to comb back through everything.

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