Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Me Now

For any left who still want to know the address to the apartment...

10420 N. McKinley Dr., Unit 8101
Tampa, FL 33612

I don't know how much longer I will be here. BUT the big news is that I have engrafted which means that my lab numbers are showing that my cells are starting to reproduce on their own. This means that the transplant has taken hold!

I have not posted in quite awhile even though I really wanted to keep this up through all this, I have not felt inspired to sit down at my computer much at all. I have been in and out of the hospital for various reasons but I have now been in the apartment for quite awhile. Although being in and out of the hospital was a hassle... I would not have changed it. I do think they let me out a tad early but mentally getting out of there was a GOOD thing. Even if it may have been a short break in between visits... it helped. I have gotten blood, platelets and fluid infusions along the way.

They are now giving me two days in between clinic visits since my lab work is looking so good. I have a clinic appointment tomorrow but on Friday I have an appointment with my doctor which will decide on that day if I get to go HOME and be home for Thanksgiving. No matter what I will have to come back on the 29th for a PET Scan (my +30 day out of transplant scan) but I would rather head back up here and get a little taste for my home and my boys.

You can't imagine how deeply I miss being home and all that home is. I am so homesick. I have never fully experienced this feeling. Not to this level.

Paul and Zane came up this weekend and it was the best feeling ever. They arrived on Thursday and left on Sunday and I just could not drink up enough of them.

I am tired pretty much all the time and I still get random waves of nausea. This recovery is not at all like the last chemo treatments where every day I could really internally see day to day improvements. It is not that I am not improving... it is just not quite at the pace I am used to. But really... who should ever be "used" to that?

I have gotten cards and gifts and so many wonderful "love" packages. Thank you to all of you. I have not had the energy to personally thank you but know that I am soaking it up and love it and you!

This week I have a big visit to look forward to! My brother is coming to visit! He is arriving on Thursday and not leaving until Sunday! Yeah!! He will get to come to Moffitt with me and hear whether or not I get to go home and leave this too quiet and boring life here. We will hang for the weekend and maybe... just maybe my Mom and I will be heading home on Sunday after Ben leaves. Oh please!!!

OH!! and also know that maybe sending something to this apartment is not a good idea at this point. I can not forward my mail from here so when I leave I leave whatever mail comes after my departure. You can always send it to my home though. If you don't know that address than I can personally send you that one!

Love to all.


  1. Anonymous7:54 AM

    Yipee!!! All my thoughts are for you to go home next Sun. What a homecoming! We will all have much thanks to give on this Thanksgiving! You've done a great job, one that's hard for me to comprehend; your courage and determination is out classed. I'm so proud of you. Love you, xxoo NANA

  2. Lindsey bartlett9:51 AM

    love you danielle!

  3. I'm glad to hear that the labs are looking good and that your cells are starting to reproduce on their own. I hope you get to go home for Thanksgiving, but if you can't try and think of all the future Thanksgivings you'll be having together with your family at home. Enjoy your visit with your brother.