Thursday, August 26, 2010

POW!!! and My Prince Charming

The wall also has some flowers added to it from Zane. I will have to take a picture today.

What a champ!!!

I got to watch our good friends, Stephen and Angie, duke it out which was theraputic and full of laughs! Then Stephen had to put an end to all the fun because Ang started getting a little rough!! :)
They have firmly decided that I will be staying one more night in Chez NCH. They have been pumping me with 24hr. fluids since I stepped foot in here so not I am a wee bit bloated and puffy and it hurts when I take a deep breath in. All symptoms of the fluids. So now they are giving me a drug called Lasix along with something else to reduce swelling and bloating and such.
One of the chemo drugs has today cause quite a bit of pressure in my sinuses and my head. Also it is causing me some insane hic-cups which are just on the bottom of the pond and the likable system for me. They can be so strong that they give me about whiplash!! Jeeeezuz!
My little crowned prince came to visit me yesterday after a wonderful and successful day at school! He is now keeping the three days a week but staying longer till 3pm. He even NAPPED! This napping thing may really not be the best thing because it makes little man such a night owl but I felt so darn comforted that he is so comfy at that school that he zonked out on the first day!!! Even will all that is going on!
Well, I have the silk prince crown waiting for him when he got here and a new computer preschool game we checked out on my computer. AND of course a new pez despenser! Momma chooses some good ones and he is starting a tinny collection for sure (Sara, watch out!!!). This time it was a Thomas the Train on. We keep it here and it came with exactly enough packages of candy to last one per day!

(P.S. I apologize for any crazy typing errors or times i don't really make sense. I definitly feel a large shift today in my clarity and ways of making sense of things and the things around me. My hands get shaky from the drugs too so sometimes typing is not so smooth. But, I know you'll hang in there!! Hee!)


  1. mainewave226:55 PM

    Great pics. Rachael will have to show Zane her Pez collection. There is a box full of dispensers somewhere in the attic.
    Keep on keeping on. Our love to you

  2. Hi Danielle! I just wanted to send you some love from both me and Jared. I should send you some video of him dancing to entertain's way better than anything you'll find on tv! I often come to your blog for updates and pictures of your Prince Zane! You have more people then you realize thinking of you and sending strength and blessings your way. All our love. Crystal and Jared

  3. Thanks all! I love you guys and miss your happy faces!! And oh... Crystal... dancing videos very welcome!!!