Saturday, September 12, 2009

Back in May

... Maya turned 3! We went for a visit to see the James Family and had a blast. I have yet to post these pictures, but as we are eagerly getting ready for our next trip to see them this weekend (FINALLY!! I have been ready for this for quite some time!!! Can you tell I am excited??!!??), I wanted to post some pictures of our last trip! We always try and go for the birthdays. Doesn't always work out, but so far we do pretty well! (It helps that Sara & Sam's bday is just a day apart making it one super duper trip in Jan. after the holiday crazys!)

So, this trip, Oliver is TURNING 1!!! I just can not even believe it!

So this is a peak at them back in May. They all had such a good time!

Then, I hope to post the pics of this trip much sooner!

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