Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Love it so much I dream about it...

I have been of course constantly working on my knitting skills and getting quite addicted to it. I have noticed that I think I am most content when I have a couple projects going at the same time. I guess so that I can keep my mind and fingers constantly learning and switching gears.

So, my favorite so far has been a project that my good friend and knitting yoda introduced me to from one of the Mason Dixon Knitting books (great beginner stuff to check out!). It is this beautiful hand towel that is so awesome, different and has that great vintage feel about it. I have fallen so in love with it that I have so far made 3 of these and in my mind I am constantly imagining it in all sorts of colors. I ALSO have recently had a dream where I was making one of these and was sooooo happy about it! So, I have decided that even though I have made 3, I will start another this week.

This one I made for my wonderful oncology nurse who just recently moved to Tennessee. She is greatly missed but I have to say... good thing I don't need her anymore!!! :)

The orange and white one I happily kept for myself. I am so happy everyday to use this in my bathroom. It is nice to feel and touch something everyday that you created yourself. I must always remember to make things for me and not feel that I always have to create projects for other people!

And the blue and multi-colored one was made during my trip to New Hampshire and I then sent it to Ben and Rachael as a thank you gift. I also made a quick dishcloth to match it. (The picture sucks!!)


  1. Anonymous10:07 PM

    Dem's some good towels, Darlin'!

  2. Anonymous8:18 PM

    I love the hand towels...email me the pattern, please. Great Job!!! You are really becoming a very good knitter. I does sooth the soul and relax you.