Thursday, January 24, 2008

Videos from November

Some lost videos that I just came across...

These were taken back in November but I just thought they were so cute that I have to share.

Zane loves to arm wrestle! He is always testing his strength around here. He is quite the muscle boy!

A couple videos of a "Boy and His Dog." Like I said, these are a couple months old, which in toddler time is huge, but I just thought they were so cute!
And the Ruffy we speak of is a stuffed dog his Great-Uncle Mark got him for his birthday. He loves the thing and any time you ask him "where is Ruffy?", he will run all over the house until he finds him! He will then tackle him with big hugs! Sometimes, if you are lucky, he will bring him to you!

Dylan Doggy I

Dylan Doggy II

Ruffy in the Tee-Pee

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  1. Anonymous6:17 PM

    I love each an every one of these videos. What a cutie! For some reason, I can open all of these videos, but had trouble with the otheres. Love, NANA