Tuesday, August 07, 2007

North Carolina: Boone

"Let me tell you a little somethin' about Boone."

It has taken way too long to get these pics posted but hopefully when you all see how many pics I post of this trip you will understand why it was such a daunting and time consuming project. I just kept going to bed instead! So, sorry to those folks who may think that it is too many pics but I know a lot out there who will love every last one of them.

To those who don't know...
A little over a week ago we got back from a wonderful 11 day trip to North Carolina. The first half we spent with my brother, Ben and his girlfriend Rachael in Boone. Then we spent the last half in Sapphire with Paul's dad and Beth. We flew in and out of Charlotte so it gave us a chance to spend one night with some good friends of ours, Aya & Brian.
We had such a good time in Boone with Zane's Uncle Ben (if any out there do not know... this is the Benjamin of Benjamin Zane's namesake) and Aunt Rachael. We kicked back and relaxed in the fresh air, beautiful soft grass and good company. We played lots of yard games (horseshoes and bocce), ate fantastic food prepared by Ben and Rachael along with food from a couple super great restaurants, took a couple hikes and saw two concerts.

Snoozin' on the plane... of course he didn't fall asleep until we only had about 15 minutes left of the flight!

Ben had a open house at his work showing off some of their timber framing work. It was great to see him in his work element again and this time they had some great stuff on display. Zane was so proud of his Uncle!

We spent so much time in his yard because we just aren't used to being able to let Zane crawl around in the grass. It was so soft and nice... so very unlike our grass in Florida! AND Aunt Rachael had BUBBLES!!

Zane taking a moment to listen to the mountains. I think they really spoke to him.

Zane & Aunt Rachael having hallway races!

Zane went to his first concert while we were there! On the Friday night we were there we went to see a great band called Old Crow Medicine Show and it was quite a show indeed! They were so much fun. Zane slept during the first half and the second he was up and we had to wander around a bit to keep him occupied. He really did great. The applause sometimes got a little overwhelming but he got through it.

The next night Ben, Rachael and Paul went to see Bruce Hornsby and loved it. Zane and I hung back took a hike and caught up on some rest.

"Hello! Anybody there?"

We did a little cruisin' of some shops in old Boone and Zane got a first class ride from his Uncle Ben. He fell fast asleep and looked so sweet!

"What are you trying to do to me?"

Uncle Ben & Aunt Rachael teaching the game of bocce to little Zane-Man.

Kid juggling AND horseshoes!

"Chow time!"

Hike time!

This is actually the view if you just walk a couple miles up the mountain from Ben's house. It is amazing. We wish we had a view like this to hike to right out our back door! What a great after dinner hike! "LUCKY!"

Uncle Ben showing Zane what the Tour de France is all about!

More fun outdoor good times.

And, my very favorite photo from the Boone trip...
Ben would often want to sit in the backseat of the car with Zane. The car seat that we rented was horrible and did not support Zane's head at all when he fell asleep so Ben became his reliable support. This photo just pulls at all of my heart strings... Uncle Benjamin's hand holding up my little Benjamin!
We had such a good time! We miss you two SO much!
Now, here are a few... GIGGLES!!!!!
That is just the first half of our trip! Sapphire photos to follow...

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  1. Anonymous1:40 AM

    These are great pictures and it was good to see Ben and Rachel, hope to meet her someday. You did a great job putting all this together, I know it wasn't easy. I loved ALL the pictures. Thanks for sharing. XXXOOO NANA