Thursday, June 14, 2007

Remembering the best day of our lives...

Happy Anniversary, Babe. On this day, four years ago, we celebrated our love surrounded by the best people in the world. If we could just go back and re-live that day, maybe we wouldn't miss everyone so very much!

I love you darlin'. We have accomplished so much...
we have our master's degrees, we moved, bought a house and created the most beautiful child.
Beyond all that, we are closer now than ever before!
I am so happy and so proud.

Dance party "ranch style."


  1. Anonymous3:20 PM

    Hi Paul, Danielle, and Zane.

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Such a beautiful blogspot. I stumbled upon it while looking for Samuel "Holibury".

    Zane has really grown sice I saw you guys last (Feb?). Such a happy baby and family.

    Happy crusin' in the bike carrier and tandem.

    Take Care.
    Elisa (Carl's Sweetie/BE's pseudo- sister-in-law).

  2. Gosh this looks like a wedding that could have been photographed for a bridal mag!! Such beauty for a wonderful couple. Enjoy your special day.