Thursday, February 14, 2008

Lookin' back at the good times: Part 4

Dinner with great, new friends...

A yummy and wonderful dinner tonight with Tiffany, Brian and Brianna. Aren't they cute sitting on her couch eating cookies together?!?

AND, yes I did not forget about the talking part... He is so cute! He is now trying to imitate just about everything we say. His difinite words are DOG, SIT, & DADDY. Tonight while I was getting him ready for bed he was holding his stuffed monkey and pointed to his eyes and said "eye" which totally floored me. Then that was followed by him grabbing his shoes and going to the bed to sit down for me to put them on and saying "shoes." THEN he grabbed the ball that was behind him and looked right at me and said "ball!" It was just one thing after another! This is just the beginning and everyday we expect more to just roll out of that cute boy!
Zane has figured out how to play the symbols that Gramps and Grandma gave him for his birthday!

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