Thursday, November 04, 2010

Day +7

Back to the clinic today. We were here for about six hours yesterday.
Today I am getting fluids as well as some more platlets. They are back down to 10. They are also starting me on my neupogen shots today which is sort of a love/hate relationship. They make my bones hurt but that stuff is going to kick in and start helping my produce cells which... In turn will make me feel better. So GO neupogen!

This morning I woke up feeling not so bad. Was doing well keeping all my meds down, but as we went to leave the apartment I started getting incredibly light headed. Then as we got to the car I ended up yacking all over the parking lot.

So we are told... This is all part of it. Yuck.

Today Paul and Z are coming. Zane will stay one night and then he and my Mom will head back to Naples. Paul will stay till Sunday which will be awesome. We need some good quiet time together. Probably we will do nothing to exciting given how I feel and also, whenever I walk out of that apartment to go ANYWHERE I have to wear a pretty darn uncomfortable mask.

So I have done this whole post on my Mom's I-pad and this is just too cool. One of these babies could make blogging a more frequent thing. That would be cool. I think I will put one of these babies on my wish list and just dream. Heeeee!

Mom has had quite a job to do taking care of me. She is totally in charge of all my medications which I might add is a gigantic ziplock bag full! She made us a wonderful dinner last night that really hit the spot for me. She broiled some salmon and black beans and rice. So good and everything that I had felt like I was missing in my diet... Especially protein.

The biggest problem now is the mucositis or the break down of your mouth, esophogus and g.I. Tract. This is all side effects from chemo drugs. I am lucky that I don't have any in my mouth but I have a large soar or many of them in my esophogus. This makes anything really hard too swallow. Basically to eat, I have to force myself and every bite right now results in sharp pain. They have given me some pain meds to help which they do help but still, when I swallow anything it is still there. Ughhh.

Excited to hug my boys tonight that's for sure.


  1. Anonymous1:38 PM

    HOORAY! Boys are coming! It will be a good time, I'm sure. Yes, you need some time alone with Paul and this will be good for both of you. You know your limitations so stay cool. Hugs and kisses to all, NANA

  2. I hope you enjoyed the time with your son and the extra time with your husband. A little diversion never hurts. Hope you're feeling somewhat better and are able to enjoy the weekend.

  3. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Hi Danielle,
    Finally got your blog to pop up, catching up on everything. Tried to call you a couple of times, emailed. Thought you would be back in Naples, lost track of time, days, hrs, min.
    You are so brave to endure it all. Sending you love and hugs,
    Diane, Don, Mindy, Chris & Luci XOXOXOXOXOXO

  4. Haven't seen any new posts in a while. Hope all is going well and you just haven't had a chance to post. Thinking of you.