Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bye-Bye to External Tubing

I am getting the catheter out today. I can not express how anxious I am to be rid of this.
It has served me well. But... bye-bye.

They do it only under local. Just the lidocaine shots in my chest. Then they yank the thing out.
I have to say... I am nervous. But it will (hopefully) be quick and go without a hitch.
My luck with these things has not shown in my favor in the past. Today WILL be different.

My appt. on Tuesday... my P.A., Aaron, said that he sees absolutly NO REASONS they will not give me the green light at my appt. on Friday that I can go home. My brother comes in tonight and stays till Sunday. So, Mom and I plan on heading straight for Naples after we drop him off on Sunday morning for his 11am flight.

Homeward bound...


  1. Anonymous4:22 PM

    I am so glad that you will be able to go home tomorrow! I will keep you in my prayers for continued recovery! Yeah, for removing the tubing! Luv you Danielle and tell Ben and the rest of the family hi and loves too! Aunt Lisa :)

  2. YEAH! Have a great weekend. Ben is bringing love and hugs from me!

  3. You're home for Thanksgiving! That's wonderful. I somehow missed this post and just found it now. My son will possibly begin the process as early as next week. He sees the Oncologist again on Tuesday and might be admitted for the first chemo later that week. He's not looking forward to it, but since there's really no know how it goes. Enjoy Thanksgiving with your family.