Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Days -4, -3, -2, and -1

This is what the countdown is like for a stem cell patient. You start out in negative numbers from the time you are admitted and the amount of negative numbers depends on the amount of days the chemo in fusions are set for. For me this was -6 days.

It is day -6 now which means that tomorrow is day "0" for me or my new "birthday"! I will have these cells put back into my body tomorrow (who knows what time!) So, tomorrow is the day that I actually get those stem cells back and they have to get to workin' really hard for me.

On the day of stem cell "harvest" they were able to collect mine in just one day. Their goal is to gather between 2 million and 5 million. Well in that six or seven house span with me hooked up to the machine, they were able to gather 4.7 million!! This was a good day for us.

The Harvest (Stem Cell Collector Machine!)
You can see some blood starting to move through the tubes.

In and Out of my Neo-Star Catheter Line

In and out of the tubes.

The beginning of my little stem cell babies! Much more to go!

Hangin' with the machine (cause I can not do anything otherwise!) I really only got up ONCE in those 6 hours to pee!!! Now if you know me well, that never happens!

Mom waiting and working.

Stem Cell Babies. These were it. You don't know when you leave if you have gathered them all. If I had not I would have had to come back the whole next day and do it all over again to add to them. SO happy I did not have to do that!!

Admitted to the hospital (the next morning when Mom and Zane came to visit)
Checking out my pretty lame view from the window.

Zane testing out some equipment in my room.

Zane jumpin' on the guest bed and Mom clearly needing some exercise. :)

One thing I decided to get for Zane during my trip away for him to have is his very own camera. Just so he can take some pictures of anything he wants while I am not with him or home. This started at a Auntie Lala camera that he sent but we kept having difficulty getting all the parts together and I still felt like it had too many buttons for his little fingers. So I ordered this one and he loves it. It has rubber padding all over it too so it can take a fall.



  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    Holy cow has he gotten big! What a little cutie! Was looking through a picture album and saw a Christmas card from you guys: Zane on a fire truck. Amazing how they keep their little faces but their bodies get so big so fast! Love the updates and we think of you daily. Thoughts and prayers, etc. Be well.


  2. Yeah... had a feeling the camera might not work (even the awesome Auntie Lala struggled with it at times, hence the new camera), but I knew you would dig the concept.
    Also, I totally don't believe that you only peed once in 6 hours.
    Seems like things are moving along quickly!

  3. I'm wondering how you feel? Your coloring looks good and I wasn't expecting that to be the case after all the chemo. I'm excited for you. Hang in there because you're making cancer history. Thank you for the informative post and pictures. The camera idea for Zane was brilliant. I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of unusual pictures. By the way, I'm surprised he's allowed in your room with the concern about infection. Actually, I would have thought everyone would be wearing masks, but I guess that concern comes later? Another big day tomorrow. Best wishes are coming your way.

  4. Anonymous9:26 PM

    Thinking of you today and everyday....
    Very glad to see you don't have to do the treatment again tomorrow and were able to get that many of your "cell babies" out!
    I am also suprised though, that you aren't in a bubble or something?? Is infection going to be high on the list on day zero...aka....your birthday?
    Thanks for keeping us all updated on your progress. I stopped in and saw Paul today, while I was in his building.
    We are missing you and thinking of you everyday. Please let us know when and if you can have guests and we will drive up and stay w/ Christine and see you.
    We love you!!!! Hang in there....we are all sending our positive energy your way!! xoxo

    Angie & Stephen