Wednesday, August 04, 2010

A little Ugh, a new toy, and a lotta Dance Party!!

Well, tomorrow is Bi-lateral Bone Marrow Aspiration Day! Yeah!

Well, to say the least I am not excited. I am not dealing with the anticipation and just general news of my life very well lately. Unfortunately my boys get a bit of the radiating tension but they are handling it well. I will show up at the hospital at 9:45 escorted by my Mom. Our friends, Tiffany and Bryan are taking Zane for the day and having a pool day. Zane has been really requesting some play time with Brianna so this is perfect. He needs some super sized play time. Paul is working because that is where we need him to be. Believe me, we will have a few other days that he will have to take off so this is just an easy day to keep him up with his work. Then Zane will be entertained by my Mom on Friday most likely while I see what kind of healing and pain to expect. I don't expect to be able to sit up for a couple of days. We will see. BUT on Friday and through the weekend the James Family are gracing us with a weekend long visit. This is awesome. It will be a great distraction, provide a lot of help and two more kids for Zane to play with. Sara and I are even discussing sneaking off to get a pedicure!! Crazy stuff!!!

Meanwhile on a happier, lighter note... Zane found a Spiderman scooter at the thrifts store yesterday!!! It was $6 (what a steal) and we took it to the park today with his helmet for a little spin. I don't even know how he understood right away how it all worked. So cute!

(The above picture is because Zane REALLY wanted to take a picture of his scooter all by himself.)

Also, I made some new towels yesterday. I love these things. Sara made a little tutorial for these on her site here. But when I made them this time I just dug through my scrap basket and make them all kinds of sizes just depending on what I had. I LOVE having these to wipe down my kitchen and wash dishes with. Whipping up MANY more of these soon!

AND.... Tonight, after returning home from dinner, my boys decided to do a late night dance party in the kitchen. The music is Zane's music jammin' from my phone on the kitchen counter. It was so funny and Paul was quite the funkster!! Yes, don't worry, he said I could post this. He is so awesome. I was smiling so big and laughing so hard because I was so proud to have such happy beings in my life. What a lucky girl I am!


  1. Great Post! I love the dance party. Should we add that song to the wedding mix? And I cannot believe how big Zane looks on that scooter.

  2. Anonymous2:52 PM

    There sure is rhythm in those boys! It's good you will have your friends with you this weekend, that will make you feel better...Love you bunches-Nana xxoo

  3. Cool dudes! You do have awesome men and they are lucky to have you!I'm glad Paul has rhythm in his music, because he never did know how to dance!

  4. The whole group of you make me smile each time I see ya. I love the way you all radiate love.

  5. I love that man so much.