Wednesday, August 25, 2010

This is a test...

So last night my sister in law, Beth Ellen, could here the panic in my voice as I expressed all over the Facebook world all the things I came to the hospital prepared to do (as well, as get chemo of course!) but was slowly figuring out I can not do.
I could not get on the blog to do blog post. Made me REALLY mad.
I could not get on my server at work. Made me REALLY, REALLY mad.
Then I figured out I could not attempt to Skype anyone. Well... you can guess.
Oh, also, I can access my blog reader... but can NOT read a single blog out in that crazy cyber world of ours. I don't know about you but I use blogs for all sorts of things. Information, catch up on a pal, laugh and look for constant creative inspiration.
I know without a doubt that if I could have caught up on a couple of my fav blogs, I for sure would have picked up my knitting by now. So far it has sat by my side so patiently. Today will be the day. I don't care if I just do one round.
So, I am posting this blog post through an email system that Beth Ellen has set up for me. I should be able to write and post pics... so we will see... crossed-fingers...


  1. It worked! Hooray! Beth Ellen is a wizard of wizards. Now, sing!

  2. The boxing gloves give the room a nice punch of color. :)