Thursday, August 26, 2010

This one is for you, Sambolito!!

I have been in lots of digital touch with my sister in law, Beth Ellen, over the past few day. She has sent her love and her ability to be cool and hack into my accounts all the way from Utah and get things functioning for me. I can now blog a little better and well, she makes me smile.

Then my Mom came here yesterday and opened up the flood gates of communication by letting me borrow her "AirCard" so now I am really good to go.

I love technology in here because man would it get horrid. I don't think that my TV has been on more than maybe two hours in two days because it is just simply obnoxious. Loud, depressing and really nothing to watch. Junk.

So, yesterday, BE told me that Sam was very into looking at the picture of me with all the machines behind me. He is very into machines and robotics.

So, yesterday, his Uncle Paul and Aunt Danielle worked on a mini tour of my room and some other robotic action on the outside of my room.

Check this stuff out, Sambo!!!

My hanging bags of chemotherapy medicine and fluids. They drip slowly through that tubing that you see.

Me, lookin' all so good and some things behind me that they have not had to use on me (whew!). Things like oxygen and air hook ups.

Let me introduce you to my "Tea Making Machine." I really splurged on this one and got the best lookin' and sweetest one around!

Same bags and tubes. Just different perspective.

The full rail that I am hooked up to. Sam, every time I have to go pee-pee I have to unplug this robot and take it will me since I am hooked up to it into my port on my chest. Nothing like a little potty company, huh! Sometimes I just want to request just a little privacy please just like I know you do!!!

Close ups.

Blood pressure checker on left. That is when like you go to the doctor and they put that cuff around you are and it makes funny noises and puffs up tight.
Also on the right is a machine that checks my oxygen levels. They have a little clip that they put on my finger for a minute or so and the robot reads out a number on the screen.
So far I have been rockin' the good results with these robotic friends!!

And here is me in my full glory! My nest so to say.

The picture that inspired all this for you Sam and thank you... it gave me a great opportunity to entertain someone!!!

Now check this crazy robot out! When Paul and I are walking through the halls, these things that really just looks like a box on wheels is really a ROBOT DELIVERY SYSTEM. It has the hallways programmed and knows if you are walking near it. We watch one totally find the elevator and communicate with it which floor it needed to go to. Then work its was onto the elevator! Crazy delivery robots!!! I keep wondering when one is going to run over my toe so I can yell out "hey you! You watch out you wild robot!!!".
Robot getting on elevator.

Paul and I are hoping to get some video of them for you before we get out of here tomorrow.

Then just an addition on one of my favorite photos of my favorite cousin friends eating breakfast at our camp ground in Utah a couple weeks back!!!

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  1. Anonymous6:44 PM

    From Sam: Thank you, Danielle, for taking all those pictures. You look really good and not sick and that makes me happy. Take some more pictures of that delivery robot. That's all!

    Way to go, chica!

    BE and Sam