Monday, October 27, 2008

Yes, Really...

Yes, really, this is the outfit that Paul came home from work and found me in on Thursday after my chemo. Absolutely crazy and not really all on purpose. I come home from chemo and I feel like crap. This didn't happen in the beginning, but it does now. I am all amped up on the steroids but my body is soooo tired. Then I get chilled and shaky so I ended up slowly, one piece at a time, bundling up! My head gets crazy cold so I even often wear a winter hat around the house. Also, note the new compression stockings! My feet get immediately achy, tender and very swollen. So much so that sometimes my toes do not touch the floor so this was a recommendation. Not at all sexy but did work a little bit. It helped take some of the swelling down. So I wear them a few hours a day now for a couple days after the chemo. They are SEXY let me tell you!!

So, yes, really, this is what I was wearing when Paul came home and then so politely asked me if he could take a picture. Sure! Why not! This craziness should be documented.

I even wore it to my Mom's house for dinner. Hat and all. She said it looked like I needed a hug.


  1. What do you mean that's NOT sexy??!! You and me...Mrs. stripey unmatching sweater girl and me with my Homely apron. We're a team of unsexy-ness. Really when it comes to practicality, something gotta give.

  2. You look like a college student with a bad hangover. :)

  3. Anonymous9:10 PM

    MMMMMMMMMMMMM... a child of the seventies dressed like a student of the seventies! Far Out! Groovy outfit, Danielle!

  4. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Hey, whatever it takes...right?? I have to think this outfit is more appropriate then meeting Paul at the door dressed in Saran Wrap...ha, ha. "Up eeees"...Love, Nana, xxoo.