Friday, October 31, 2008

His Birthday with Mommy & Daddy

We had such a fun day last Wednesday when Paul took the day off! We took Zane to the Imaginarium and he had a blast!! Then we went out to lunch and came home and all three of us took naps!! Then we got up and had a wonderful meal with our friends, Beth, Brian & Dexter! What a perfect day!

Birthday Morning! He had a little present waiting for him in his bed! Paul and I woke up to the sound of ripping paper and when we went in he was already reading his new book!

A morning frittata made by his crazy weird Mama! (It was chilly that morning!)

He liked watching the spiney mice.

He touched a baby alligator!

AND he touched a roach!

Crazy wind tunnel!

Opened the present from Mama and Daddy... a bike seat for the front of Daddy's bike!

This thing is soooo cool. He loves it!

Happy Birthday!
Fun videos... Birthday Morning & Car Seat Chattering

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