Friday, November 14, 2008

The Happy Turtle

I returned from the hospital yesterday morning and Paul and I had the whole day and whole night to recover from sleep deprivation. As Paul and I were catching up on some rest, this was delivered! A cookie bouquet from Larry and Denise! (Larry, my wonderful boss who is TOO good to me and Denise, his wife, who works with my wonderful oncologist)

These are the HAPPIEST cookies I have ever seen. They make me laugh every time I glance at them. They are happy turtles!!! They are so beautifully decorated I just can't believe it! So fun!

Happy Turtles!!!

So, at 9am this morning (after I ate some healthy oatmeal for breakfast) I sat down for tea and cookies. Happy Turtle Cookies!! Thank you Denise and Larry!!!

Now, I can't wait for little Zane to come home and check these guys out. I think they are going to get a big "Wow!"


  1. Those really are the happiest cookies I have ever seen!

  2. Anonymous7:54 PM

    What a nice surprise...and eatable to boot. What a great boss and nurse...lucky you.