Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Well, this will be of course the first one that pops up on people's screens but please, scroll down first because I just posted some fun, happy posts with some great pictures!

Like I said on one of the other posts, this has been a GOOD week. The nausea medicine on the last chemo worked so I was just down and exhausted. It lasts about a full week. Thursday I get the chemo and feel ok...

(side note interruption: Chemo... takes about 3.5ish hours total. I check in at the lab and pick up about 4 empty vials. I take them to my oncology nurse and she (using the port) draws my blood. I sit and wait for a short time while they process my blood work (yes, that fast! I never would have guessed before this that a lab could do anything that fast!). Then I go to meet with Dr. Morris and go over how I have been doing, the blood work and he checks the heart and so on. Then I go back to the chemo room (chemo room: this is a room of about 8 chairs. the last time it was FULL. It is the hardest part of the whole thing because you get to see, meet and talk to so many people going through so many different cancers. It is good because it helps me put things in perspective but also very difficult because it is depressing.) and get my chemo, one bag of stuff after the other! That part takes about 2.5hrs. Then I am outta there!)

Then Friday I am ok and functional. Just tired.

Saturday & Sunday I am down. It is almost like I have the flu. The actual best description I have been able to come up with for people is that is is like I have a bad hangover that doesn't go away. Like when you wake up after a night of good partying and you can not put a thought together, you can not wake up and you keep thinking about the moment when you can go back to bed, your stomach doesn't feel right and your head hurts like a bomb went off and your eyes burn cause you smoked too many cigs or was in a smokey bar. So that is sort of how I feel BUT I don't get the fun night of partying the night before AND it doesn't go away after a day of nursing yourself back to sober life. What a bummer.

Anyway, Monday and Tuesday are filled with ups and downs. I could wake up and feel ok. Then a couple hours later I have to hibernate in bed for a while. Then up and down and up and down.

Then Wednesday I start to get a glimpse of feeling a little more together.

Then Thursday the switch is turned on and I can feel a bit normal again and get back to a (sort of) normal life.

So that is what it has been like in a nutshell. All this could change on me at any time. I personally hope that it stays this way (or gets better of course... yeah right!). It has been nice to have a week of feeling good to get myself back together and gathering the guts to get back in there and do it again. Tomorrow is my next one (3rd of 8 treatments).

Oh! And today was a big day. I have been losing my hair quite a bit lately. I have been going back and forth as to what to do with it. Today I went to get it cut. I just couldn't go completely bald right off the bat. One thing about me is that I function better if I can do big things in stages. So I got a pixie cut. My hair has not been this short since I was probably 5! It feels so weird and the bangs actually drive me crazy (I haven't had bangs since probably I was 10!). They constantly tickle my forehead! But, like anything, I will get used to it. My Mom went with me which was great and then we went to lunch after. Made it all a little easier.

Some of you will enjoy a good laugh... (but not like the one you will have when (if) I have to go bald!)

So I wanted to get some of this posted before tomorrow because I don't know when I will get it together again to post. Love to all and have some fun... make cookies, finger paint and shuck corn!

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  1. Anonymous9:45 AM

    I love the haircut!!! So cute, NANA