Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Random things from yesterday to be thankful for...

A yummy lunch that I had enough energy to prepare myself full of fresh, organic veggies (spinach feta salad) and yummy hummus, pita chips and a clementine (not enough energy to make the hummus myself which is the best hummus to eat but the second best... Sabra Original. I am very picky about hummus and this is the best store brand I have ever had. AND, I actually found a big tub of it at Sam's Club of all places (they also have a roasted red pepper flavor for those of you who don't have a bell pepper allergy like me!)

So, this just looked so beautiful when I sat down to eat it that I had to take a picture! While I ate it I thought of my very good friend, Sara. We used to eat a lot of lunches like this together long ago. I sure do wish we lived closer. BUT, 2.5 hours away from each other is pretty darn good compared to some of you good friends out there!

I hope this will help you enjoy some healthy eats and recognize how beautiful they are!

And, some beautiful, white diapers on the line catching some sun rays! I have to send a big thank you out to a friend, Ann Marie. She has passed these wonderful cloth diapers down to me called Motherease which I LOVE! They have been easy to use, care for and they have really increased Zane's potty awareness! It is not that I was not using cloth before (we use them at home mostly) but we were using the G Diapers with cloth inserts. They were great, but their is something about these that I just love! AND they were in beautiful shape and she said they had been through her two kids and many of her girlfriends. SO, I just had to inquire about her secret to cloth diaper care. Well, come to find out it is a natural detergent through this company called Malaluca! It really is great and has kept these diapers in really great shape! Again, thank you, thank you, Ann Marie. You really have no idea how much I appreciate this gift! I LOVE them!!! (I think Paul even really likes them. I think he likes them better than the G's! Less to deal with I guess!)

And, ever wonder how those chickens are doing? Well, they are growing SO FAST! It is unbelievable! They got so big in such a short time! Still no eggs. Hopefully in another month we will have that. In the meantime, they eat like CRAZY! We are so anxious to have fresh eggs! We can't wait!


  1. Anonymous9:36 AM

    WOW, the chickens are really growing! I'll bet Zane is just amazed. Does he feed them? What a thrill it will be to see those first eggs! NANA

  2. Anonymous9:56 PM

    I'm sending a link to my dear friend in Pennsylvania. As I did, she too will truly appreciate the beauty of a line of beautiful white diapers drying in the sun. Some of the best wisdom comes from our sisters!
    Do you want empty egg cartons for when your eggs come in? Annemarie