Sunday, June 27, 2010

Beach Jazz & Shirley Temples

I love and have ALWAYS loved going to the Naples Beach Hotel Summer Jazz Concert Series. It is not always that the music in super great all the time but it is the place, the beautiful beach, a good reason to hang out with family and friends and have a drink... outside during the summer. It is hot. It is humid. But really down at the beach at that time of day... couldn't be better!

We went last night and the best part of the evening is that Zane had his first Shirley Temple!!! He doesn't even drink soda ever. Whenever he has tasted it he has immediately told us it is too "spicy." But last night... well, I think it had something to do with the 8 or so cherries floating on top, but he loved it!
Check out his bandaids!!! He is so into them right now that we have to buy them just about every week!
"Ahhh, a little spicy but it's good!"
I love this picture.

"You can't have a cherry!!"

And if he is anything like me... the obsession with maraschino cherries begins!

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