Sunday, November 22, 2009

Conversation With Our Three Year Old

While walking on the Naples Pier the other night after a wonderful family picnic on the beach, Zane asked me what the big tables were in the middle of the pier. We had just seen some people fishing and they had some fish on the ground and we had already explained that those fish were being used for bait to catch bigger fish. So, after this question I told him all about how those people will bring their bigger fish here after they catch them and cut them up and take them home so they can eat them.

Well, he replied with “Mommy, won’t that bother the fish?”

What do you say?? Well, yeah it bothers the fish.

My Mom takes Zane to Kindermusic and has for quite some time now (almost since he was about 6 months old!). He LOVES it! It really is probably the best hour of his week most of the time. His favorite part (and always has been!) is Ms. Susie. We always joke and comment around here that Ms. Susie is for sure his first girlfriend. When he talks about her he just lights up and gets all calm and dreamy. So funny and truly, she is AWESOME!!

So, part of the routine at Kindermusic is that one song is always used as a quiet time. It is a soft lullaby type song and all the kids pick one stuffed animal and they cuddle with their Mamas or in Zane’s case, Mimi. It is, to me, the most magical time in the session. It is beautiful. All the kids get so sweet and quiet and cuddle with giant teddy bears and rock back and forth with someone that loves them. Most of the time when this is happening, Ms. Susie is wandering around the room quietly, swaying, sometimes dancing. On one particular session with Mimi, Zane was totally into the quiet time with Mimi and looked up and watched Ms. Susie swaying and dancing around the room for a while. He then so, so quietly whispered as quietly as he could to Mimi, “Mimi, Ms. Susie is JUST like a princess.” Then promptly put his head back on his teddy bear and continued to dreamily watch her.


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