Monday, October 26, 2009

Dinner Conversation

Mommy: "Zane, please stop hanging on the side of the table. It could all fall over on you and hurt you."

Zane: "Oh. And I could crack my head right open."

Mommy: "Yes, well, it could do that. It just might really hurt."

Zane: "I could crack my head right open. I could fall and go boom! and my head could go right open! Just like an egg! We first tap an egg on the side. Then we slowly open it up and the egg falls out!"

Daddy: "What would come out of your head if it split open? What do you have inside your head?"

Zane: "Um, SONGS!!!"

Daddy: (laughing) "So, if your head split open, songs would just come right out of your head?!?"

Zane: "Uh Huh!"

Daddy: "What is the first song that would come out of your head?"

Zane: "The Bare Necessities!"

Daddy: "That is a great song! That would be sad if you lost that out of your head!"

Zane" "Yes it would!"

I love 3 year old and Daddy conversations!

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