Monday, May 05, 2008

Apologies and Making us all feel better...

I know... it has been sooooo long. I have been soooo busy and a bit sick here and there with requirements for lots of rest. The problem with that is that I do most of my blogging late at night. Well, now, that is when I am supposed to be SLEEPING!!

I am going to try and get better at finding time, but it is so hard. I then have so much I want to catch you all up on so I get a little overwhelmed.

So, tonight, I decided to do a small post. I don't feel like I have to catch up all at once. This will hopefully get me started back up and in the "blogging mood."

Here are some photos of Paul and Zane working in the garage together. We moved his work bench out into the garage and it is now in the best place ever! He loves to go out there and play with his tools. He is now ALL ABOUT TOOLS! "Hamma, hamma, hamma!" (That is what his "hammer" sounds like)

He thinks he is just so cool standing up so tall on this stool!

And... we all know we have done it! Zane loves black olives and loves to put them on his finger to eat them. One day I showed him how he can put them on ALL of his fingers to eat them!

Popsicle cuteness...

Sleepy times... so cute!
Tee-Pee nap!

So, I hope this renews some smiles for folks. 10 whole pictures! That should get ya goin' hey?
Maybe next I will do it up with some movies!!!


  1. Anonymous12:03 PM

    danielle, i love coming to your blog. i have one as well, it's just blank!!haha.

    zane is so stinkin cute and looks like he is a lot of fun.
    xox, deana

    p.s. could you please tell me how you get your child to just pass out in a tee pee?? haha

  2. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Thanks for all the new pictures. Hope you get to feeling better real soon. Love you, NANA