Friday, December 28, 2007

The Tee-Pee

For Christmas Zane got a Tee-Pee from his Aunt Rae and Uncle Bob! It is the most fun and cute gift EVER and Zane LOVES IT! He just can't get enough of it. He is now in it several times a day with his toys or stuffed animals.

Click here of a video of Zane in his tee-pee the day he got it over at Aunt Rae and Uncle Bob's house.

I will put up more pics of it soon. It is set up in our playroom and he is having so much fun with it! She made a mat for the bottom and a matching pillow and she set up a stuffed horse in it when she gave it to him! It was so perfect and cute we just can not get enough of it all!
Thank you Rae and Bob for all your thoughtful, hard work! You guys are the BEST! Zane loves you so much!

Zane hugging his horsey!

Since we had been all over and from house to house for the holidays, Zane was exhausted and had been hard to put down to sleep. I took the tee-pee in their office and it was great because it just gave him a small space to focus on and tuned it all out! He feel fast asleep and took a little snooze in his new tee-pee!

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