Saturday, August 11, 2007

Fun in the sun with good friends

Upon our return from the mountains we immediately got a call from Beth & Dexter with an invitation to go hang at the beach. For the Moms this took a lot of convincing ourselves that we needed to get out to the beach but maybe it won't be so bad if we get there by 8:30am. Well... it wasn't so bad! We had a good time and the sun was not too treacherous (the nice shade hut we scored helped big time)! This was Zane's first time really playing on the beach and he had a great time. He loved just crawling around in the sand and finding little treasures.
(Also, check out his new swim shirt that Great-Nana and Great Grandpa Jim sent us. It is great! It has UV protection! Since this family is so darn fair we have decided that we are going to get Zane used to wearing a swim shirt all the time when at the beach or pool. It helps us out with sun worries and keeps his skin like a baby's, just like it should be!)

"What did you find, Dude?"

"Hey, Man!"

"Surfs up! Well, not really."

"Look! My reflection looks like an alien!"

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  1. Anonymous1:19 PM

    Zane could model in the catalog for the shirt. He's having a great time at the beach. NANA