Monday, July 09, 2007

New goodies!

The Zane-Man has outgrown his old tub so we got him a new one. He has a giant duck to bath in now! Doesn't it look fun??!!

Check out the "Disco Duck" video. We also got some crazy cool light-up bath frogs. So now he has his very own Disco Duck Tub!
We also got another package in the mail on Friday!! It was from Zane's Great-Nana and Great Grandpa Jim!! First Zane had to play with the big box which was quite fun. He actually was able to crawl up on to the top of it! (Check out the process of that here!) Then we opened it because I just couldn't wait anymore (Zane didn't understand it when I told him the box wasn't the gift! That was quite a toy for him!) Inside we discovered a ukulele for Zane! He loves it as you can see by the pics! Also, Nana painted a cute plate for our anniversary and a beautiful casserole dish. Thanks so much guys, and Nana, you did such a good job!!

Here are some fun pics of Zane with them when they came to visit back in February...


  1. Anonymous10:01 AM

    That was so cool to see him with the box. Glad you liked everything and Zane liked the Uke. Jim thought it would be a good size for him to play with. Just fun stuff. Love, NANA

  2. It is great to see him up and crawling. Can't wait to experience that for ourselves. Very cute kid!