Thursday, June 21, 2007

Boy do we love our daddies!

This is quite an update (if you have the time!)...

We had a great week last week! First, we have Mondays during the summer with Daddy so that is always a good and possibly productive day. Then, Tuesday, Zane and I went over to a friends house for lunch and a playdate! We had such a great time with Beth & Dexter that Zane really passed out in the bike trailer on the way home! (Check out more playdate pics here on their blog!)

Last weekend was a great one for us! First, Paul and I actually went out on a "date" while Mimi & Papa had fun with Zane. We went to see the new Pirates movie and then went out to sushi (Yum! - my FAVORITE!). It was wonderful!

As gifts to each other for our anniversary we have traded projects! Paul put up shelves above my sewing table so now I officially have a sewing corner in our guest room! It is so cool to be able to have all my stuff out and within reach. So look out now! Projects are a brewin' in this crazy head of mine! So the trade off is that I give Paul 4 hours of uninterrupted music recording time in the house. So any of you out there that live close, don't be surprised if I show up and can't leave for many hours! Zane and I will have to save up our errands or go bug Mimi and the chickens!

Then on Father's Day we started off with a breakfast fit for a wonderful Daddy! Zane and I made yummy Buckwheat Pancakes (our favorite!) with a cherry/molasses & syrup topping. Really yum! Zane really enjoyed the pancakes!

Then Paul & Pete went to play some golf together. While they were golfing, Zane had fun splashing around on the front porch.

Then, after playtime for all, Mom and I made a very "manly" Father's Day dinner. We made some filets, potatoes and veggies followed by a yum cappuccino cheesecake (Paul's very FAVORITE). It was so relaxing! Paul was then presented with his Father's Day gift from Mimi & Papa... a MANDOLIN! He is in heaven! (Pictures of that to follow)
Mimi cooking.

Zane and his really cool Daddy!
(Zane's onsie says "My Daddy is a Rock Star")
Happy Father's Day, Darlin'!
To all the Grandpas and Daddies (and we know a lot of new Daddies!) we know out there... we were thinking of you and we love you!


  1. We had a great time hangin' with you two as well. So glad to hear you had a wonderful Daddy's day!! Can't wait to hear some mandolin music.

  2. Your wonderful blog only makes me miss you all more. I wish we could come to all of your parties. I love Danielle’s sewing corner and can’t wait to see the beautiful things that are soon to emerge from it. We hope to come visit soon!

    Much Love,
    Sara James

  3. Anonymous10:35 PM

    My wife is the coolest! And Zane rocks!